Free and helpful book listing sites – promos galore!

Ok friends. As promised. Here’s a list of some of the FREE OR SEMI-FREE book listing sites I’ve come across over the past few months. I will update this as I encounter more.

Some of these have gotten me quite a few hits, some have not, but I’m not here to praise or bury Caesar, just to get the info out there.

NEXT, hopefully, I’ll list a bunch of Facebook pages for author pimpageness. Sooooooon.

So I’ll make with the first list. Here goes:

THIS is the mother of all listing sites — a listing site that contains a s*it ton of other listing sites within it:

And here are others:

http://www.worldliterarycafe.comĀ (SPECIFICALLY the Indie Kindle, Facebook Like and Twitter Follow tools – very valuable)

(the obvious)

ADDED June 2015: (not free, but very helpful)