Quick result listing of promo sites used for Free promotion today.

As of 2:52 pm Dry Land is at #6 free in Hard Sci Fi. Broke the top 2000 free books. 122 units downloaded. Other than posting like hell on Facebook on my own and using Slack Social and Postcron, and posting to Twitter, these are the sites to which I submitted listings for the free promotion of Dry Land.

ETA: When the free promo closed down, there were 309 units downloaded. Ranking was in the top 1000 free and #2 in hard sci fi-free. Shortly thereafter, three paid sales. 

I write this post with the thought that my results may or may not be typical and may be useful to others in deciding whether to list with a book site. 🙂 Hope this helps!

And the results:


http://manybooks.net – emailed me that they didn’t have room for me today. Boo.

http://www.indiebookoftheday.com – didn’t post my book even though I got confirmation that my submission went through. Oh well.

http://www.readingdeals.com – didn’t see book listed. C’est la vie.

http://www.bettybookfreak.com – said no as I had already had a promo with them in Feb. That’s fair.

http://www.ebookstage.com – promoted my book as its “Book of the Day.” Biggest bonus of the day for me RIGHT HERE. Bless them.

http://www.ebooklister.net – promoted my book

http://www.digitalbooktoday.com – listed my book

http://www.ebookstamp.com – site was down

http://www.ebookasaurus.com – promoted my book

http://www.book-circle.com – promoted my book

http://www.readcheaply.com – couldn’t list my book as I already had a promo with them in February. Again, that’s fair.


And now the mecha list of Facebook groups for promoting your book!

This, my friends, is my group list on Facebook, essentially, with the personal groups cut out. It’s not at all comprehensive of what’s out there Facebook wise. Once again, I am not casting any judgment on any of these groups as to their effectiveness or responsiveness, just putting these out there for informational purposes only.

There are probably more than these. MANY MORE. Dig around for yourself, as well. x

Obviously, you’re going to want to determine whether each group is right for your book at whatever time. Check out each group for the number of members it has, the focus of the group, whether they allow promos for only certain price points, and/or how active it is or how active it expects you to be. I am active on some of these groups, some I am not, again, it depends on the purpose and atmosphere of the group.

Caveat: Before you join/post to a group make sure you read said group’s RULES. Failure to follow those rules may see you booted from the group and/or publicly humiliated and shamed for the rest of your life. And you don’t want that.

Caveat #2: There’s a thin line between promo and spam. 🙂

With no further ado, here is the list, below the cut (pardon the weird formatting, it happens):

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