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Dry Land – a novella

Available for Kindle and in print.

NOW on audiobook on audible.com, Amazon.com, and iTunes.

When mankind toys with nature, nature fights back. Astronaut Ted “Shakespeare” Hardiston is setting off on the adventure of a lifetime — for the rest of his life. He reluctantly leaves behind his wife, an android/human hybrid, to command the first base on the surface of the moon. Ted and the crew of Space Shuttle Liberty complete their mission, gifting the Moon with gravity and an atmosphere. In doing so, they cause mass destruction on the Earth below. By Ted’s side during this ordeal is Codie-5, another hybrid and a genetic duplicate of Ted’s wife. Ted, Codie, and the crew must work fast and make sacrifices to save the world — and for Ted, to return to the love of his life.


“The main character and the plot twists of Dry Land stuck with me. I was thinking about them well after I finished reading, and that’s a telling sign of quality.” Tiggeroo Reviews

“Great story, well drawn characters.  Bonnie Ferguson

“I can’t recommend this book enough and look forward to further writings from this amazing author!  JMM@NYC

“Seidler has created characters you truly care about as well as including fantastic details and a twist that makes the futuristic story even more interesting.  Wabi Sabi

“I would highly recommend this book to anyone. Above all, the narrative makes everything so human. For all of the technological developments that are within the story, Ted’s words add a touch of cynicism and warm humanity that makes you laugh and connect with him all the more. A thoroughly entertaining read, with laughter, tears, and a little bit of romance.” Rebecca Wheeler


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