New review for Dry Land on audio

4.0 out of 5 stars This needs to be a movie…now!, June 19, 2015
This review is from: Dry Land (Kindle Edition)
I experienced this story via the audio version, and what a fantastic experience. The audio is narrated by Ian Sorensen who is simply a pleasure to listen to. I was enraptured by his voice as well as the poetic feel of Jennifer’s prose brought to life through his vocal talent. I haven’t been read to like this since my mother used to read me bedtime stories as a child.

So many surprises and ‘wow’ moments throughout. I found the atypical romance compelling, the character portrayals realistic and the descriptions of intimate moments tasteful..

The action sequences are well described and the underlying concepts well thought out. A confrontation between characters after a stark revelation is a key element that makes me wish this was a movie I could watch

The one possible negative keeping this review from five stars (I would go four and a half if i could) is that the wrap-up after the conclusion of the plot-line is a bit lengthy. Lengthy but still interesting as I was well invested in the characters at that point.

This will be a frequent listen and I look forward to the text version when my current vision problems are remedied.


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