Book Review – “Al Clark” by Jonathan G. Meyer

Al Clark is the story of a man who wakes up in a box… and has to learn everything about everything from scratch. Including who he is.

This was a very, very enjoyable read for me. I recommend it, and on Amazon I gave it a Five-Star rating.

The first thing I noticed about this book, right off the bat is the narrative style. It’s not your typical storytelling. It starts off very simplistic, almost child-like in its word choice and cadence. But it becomes like a chameleon, the prose itself adapting to the situations just like the protagonist does. It starts out stark, cold, just like the physical presence of the locale itself.

But as things go, as the protagonist learns and develops and creates relationships, it becomes broader, warmer. Older, almost. It becomes lighter, airier, once again, to go along with the atmosphere of the book. I don’t know if this is something the author did purposefully or not, but for me, it worked.

The writing itself is very easy to read. There’s nothing pretentious or overly “writerly” or flowery about it, yet it puts these vibrant, vivid clear images into the head, like watching a film. I really enjoyed the plot and wanted more at the end of it.

The story built upon itself brick by brick place by place character by character and structurally that was really satisfying. Satisfying in the way of listening to an old X Minus One radio show, or reading a classic science fiction story.

There were a few minor grammar issues and some spelling that I circled, but when I went back to do this original review on Amazon, I forgot all about those. Nothing in the word choice made me cringe or groan. Again, the prose is simple, but I find that’s by design given that the story is told from the point of view of the protagonist. And as you find out about the nature of the protagonist, you’ll know why.

The cover was well done and beautiful. It was obvious the passion and love the author had for this story, and it shone through.

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